Stability Testing

Stability Testing
Stability testing is a test to evaluate the durability, effectiveness and safety of cosmetic products. These tests are important to ensure that the product remains stable throughout its shelf life.

Cosmetic products may be exposed to various chemical, physical and microbiological changes under storage conditions (factors such as light, temperature, humidity) and during use. Therefore, stability tests are systematic studies performed to determine the physical properties, chemical components, microbiological integrity and effectiveness of the product.

Stability tests can generally evaluate the following factors:
  1. Physical changes: Changes in physical properties such as odor, color and consistency are examined.
  2. Chemical changes: Chemical changes such as pH value of the formulation, decomposition or oxidation of active ingredients are observed.
  3. Microbiological integrity: Microbiological tests are performed to ensure that the product does not create a suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms.
  4. Label declarations: The accuracy of the features, usage instructions and expiration dates stated on the product label is checked.

Stability tests carried out in our laboratory allow you to guarantee the quality, effectiveness and safety of your cosmetic products. We strive to meet the requirements of your products by providing our customers with services in accordance with the latest technology and standards.

If you would like to get more detailed information about your stability tests, you can contact our cosmetic analysis laboratory.