Dermatology Test

Dermatology Test
Dermatological tests are applied to evaluate the effects of cosmetic products on human skin. These tests include laboratory studies and clinical trials to determine whether products cause skin irritation or other adverse reactions.
Dermatological tests are performed as in vivo clinical tests on volunteers. These tests are carried out by experts in the field (for example, dermatologists) in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and in line with the "Guideline on the Evaluation of Human Skin Compatibility of Cosmetic Products or Raw Materials" published by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.
Interpretation and Classification of Dermatological Test Data
Cosmetic product irritation score Classification
0-0.08 Non-irritating/not a cause of irritation
0.08-0.16 Very mild irritation / Cause of very mild irritation
0.16-0.56 Some mild irritation / Cause of minor irritation
0.56-1 Moderate to mild irritation / Cause of moderate irritation
1-1.6 Cause of Irritation
>1.6 Very irritating / Highly irritating
0: No signs of irritation
0.5: Minimal and suspicious irritation
1: Slightly red, spotty
2: Moderate, smooth-looking redness
3: Strong, smooth-looking redness
4: Inflammatory redness
0: No finding
0.5: Dry, tense appearance
1: Formation of a mild, thin dry layer
2: Formation of a medium dry layer
3: Severe dry layer with large flakes
+: Edema formation observed
-: No edema formation

Cosmetic product samples are left on the volunteers' covered back areas for 48 hours and are then removed. The first evaluation is made after half an hour and left open for 24 hours under the same conditions. At the end of 72 hours, a second evaluation is made and the results are graded by dermatologists and responsible researchers. Results are interpreted as "Non-irritating / Not a cause of irritation" to "Very irritating / Highly a cause of irritation".
The safety of our customers is our top priority. For this reason, we guarantee that the dermatological tests of your products are carried out with due care and meticulousness. Dermatological tests play an important role in verifying the reliability and tolerability of our products.
If you would like to get more detailed information about your dermatological tests, you can contact our cosmetic analysis laboratory.