Empowered by Knowledge Empowered by Knowledge
Laboratory and Analysis
"Reliable Cosmetic Product Analysis"
Our laboratories guarantee the TS/EN ISO17025 standard in cosmetic analysis.
It analyzes cosmetic products with our Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Instrumental, Physicochemical and Efficacy Testing Laboratories.
It offers high sensitivity and reliable results in cosmetic product analysis.
Our laboratory provides fast analysis results and professional service to our customers.
Cosming Base

Cosming base is a great option for users who don't need tremendously complex data manipulation. It allows accessing and querying data by editing, updating and reporting quickly and safely. It makes time management easier and allows users to store data in a structured form and access it later. We produce special, advanced solutions to ensure the highest possible return from the database, with a team that is expert in its field and has taken an active role in database development within the software for many years.


Solution to the problems of developing and transforming business life under one roof.

As business life develops with the globalizing world, a great transformation has begun. Cosming produces accurate, fast and practical solutions to the new problems of the developing and transforming business life.

It produces new information for its stakeholders depending on technological developments and legislative changes. It approaches the solutions to the problems with professional care and meticulousness. It produces practical and accurate solutions to the problems encountered with its expert personnel. Protects the interests of all stakeholders with a sense of social responsibility.